To be, or not to be…Torso-less Presidents?

September 4, 2006 at 4:23 am Leave a comment

Rushmore     If you’re American enough to be on the Internet, then you’re American enough to know what Mount Rushmore is…which is exactly what this topic is about.

     Mount Rushmore began its path to completion on August 10th, 1927, almost eighty years ago. These amazing stone icons were the brainchild of an incredibly ambitious sculptor, Gutzon Borglum. However, his vision for these massive craniums actually included torsos, a scroll of history, and a hall of records. Yet, in the fourteen years of construction, only the heads we see today, and ‘half-a-hall of records’ could be completed before the great depression settled in, which called for the money to be used for more ‘vital’ interests of the country. In the end, Mr. Borglum eventually passed away, and his son Lincoln was left to manage the crew. Lincoln instead ended the project in his father’s honor. Many citizens rooted for the continuation of labor on the monument; others applauded Lincoln Borglum for his respect of his father’s dream.

So here’s your question: Should the monument be completed (add torsos, scroll, and Hall of Records), so it may shine as Gutzon originally intended… OR should it remain as is, to respect Gutzon’s fantastic dream?


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