Advanced Screening: The Covenant

September 8, 2006 at 3:20 am Leave a comment

I havent seen either of the Underworld movies, so I didnt exactly know what to expect from this movie (made by the same people). Lets just sumamrize it this way…If you dont mind a few sub-par actors, undeveloped plots, and annoying rivalries, then you will absolutely love this movie! Do you know why? Because from a general standpoint, its a good movie. But from an action genre/witchcraft/special effects angle, its a GREAT movie!

I refuse to give major plot details away, but allow me to give you an early, insiders view of what to expect….(VERY MINOR SPOILERS)

First off, this is a witchcraft movie. Yet, do not let this turn you away from this flic, for it far surpasses any serious attempt ever made in this genre. It is genuinely serious and quite believable (aside from sparse actor mishaps). Now, onto the plot summary…

The movie revolves around the four sons of Ipswitch(sp?) who are the descendents of the five survivors of the Salem Witch Trials, back in the 17th century. Now, one of the first questions that should have crossed your minds….”why did five families survive the trials, and there are only four descendants in the movie?”… easily answered, for this is the entirety of the plot. To put a long story short, the fifth son surfaces (wont spoil who or how) and intends to expand his own powers by forcing the sons of the Covenant (the four descendants) to “will over” their powers to him. However, when one “wills” away their powers, their life leaves them as well. Sacrifice, anyone?

Witchcraft is, in this movie, addictive and destructive. Every use wears away at the users body. This makes for one of the most unique attributes to the movie. I really dont want to spoil too much…so Ill sum up this entry by saying GO SEE THIS MOVIE! It is worth the admission price, and is a very entertaining, edgy, and all-around fun film.

I promise for better reviews in the future, but I am tired and about to pass out. If anyone wants, I can work up a more detailed analasys sometime soon. However, I reccomend experiencing this for yourself! Oh and the advanced screening was alot of fun, radio stations and the media were there giving away prizes and such. It all made for a very enjoyable evening. Until next time! Frankly,



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INTRODUCING….. Holy Crap…I Molted!

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