If you’re on this page, then we have probably sparked your general interest. Thats a good thing!

Welcome to Frankly Frank, a random assembly for the mind of a young american (and a mouthfull)! The purpose of this place is to simply provide an entertaining yet mind-expanding virtual playground for those who need, or enjoy such. Now, notice how I said “mind-expanding” instead of that word from hell….e…du…cational….there, I spit it out. Im avoiding that word because it tends to turn people our age off, and thats the last good ol’ Frank wants for your fragile young minds! All of the articles, topics, and such posted on the site will never read as essays, nor will they be as long as one….for a few simple reasons:

1. No one likes to read essays

2.No one likes to write essays

3. Essays should BURN!

Here at Frankly Frank, we would prefer to keep your interest, and do so by providing short to mid-length, interesting articles on topics that relate directly to you. So if youre in need of a guiding hand from some others who have been in a similar situation, or if you just want to check out some movie reviews…its all here….and waiting for you!

Our main purpose is to let everyone BE HEARD, OFTEN! Dont just read our literature, EXPRESS how you feel on each topic! Do you approve of a nationwide school dresscode? Could the Hulk kick Superman’s ass? And just who thought it was ok for PeeWee Herman to be allowed back on TV?

Let us know what you think, and in return…you can gain the opinions and respect of others like you across the country…even the world! So sit back, relax, and enjoy!




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